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I started off as a computer programmer, way back in the late 70s. I did a lot of work in the 80s in BBx (Business Basic) on MAI mini-computers, then later on in Thoroughbred and finally XENIX/Unix.

My main job was customizing high-end accounting packages. I specialized in converting mainframe accounting systems over to mini-computers and later on, to desktop PCs. I moved into the PC support side of the business in 1986 when I opened Online Consulting Services.

I started out just selling desktop PCs to home and business clients, but moved over to the repair side of the business fairly quickly. I discovered I had a knack for finding solutions to impossible problems and to this day, that hasn't changed. Having been a programmer originally, it's easy for me to resolve even complicated software problems.

I built my company on providing quality products matched by superior service, all at very fair prices. I always provided the bulk of my support work on-site rather than expecting my clients to lug their equipment to my office. I still do this for many of my clients, plus now much of my support work is done via the Internet.

I don't get into selling new desktop PCs much these days (far too competitve). Instead, I provide quality refurbished name-brand PCs at very reasonable prices. I still offer quality custom-built business class machines to some of my existing clients since after all, they cannot afford the downtime.

My opinion has always been that anyone can sell you a computer, but few people really know how to fix them. Most places just wipe & reload the computer rather than spend the time trying to fix it. In many cases a major system crash can be repaired, for a lot less than you might think. Even if the system can't be saved, I almost always manage to save the client's data files (unless there has been a physical head crash, then it gets very costly).

Don't think you can afford superior computer support?

Think Online Consulting Services ....

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