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Windows 10 is here!
Do you want Windows 10 or not? Microsoft is taking the choice away from you.

Many of you who have computers or laptops with Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed have been seeing that annoying Windows 10 nag screen from Microsoft for the last 8 months or so. Most people just ignore it or click “No” to go away, but it never does.

Now it seems that Microsoft has gotten tired of waiting for you to do the upgrade, so they are just installing it without your permission. We have seen over a dozen clients in the last week alone that got this update installed, even in the middle of what they were doing. If you don’t want this update, then you need to disable it ASAP. If you already got Windows 10 and don’t want it, you need to remove it within 30 days or it’s there forever!

To disable the Windows 10 from automatically installing itself, you can use a free (and simple) utility called “Never10” to accomplish this task. You just have to download the utility from the author’s website below, save it to your desktop and run it (no installation required):

Visit website to read more about Never10 and download the utility

Visit their website

There is another step to disabling the Windows 10 upgrade, the Never10 utility is only part of it. You must also remove Windows Update KB3035583 in order to get rid of the nag screen. To get into your list of installed programs, there is a quick way to do it. Just press the Windows key on your keyboard (looks like a flag), then press the ‘R’ key while holding down that Windows key (acts like a Shift key). This will open the Run dialog box. You then clear whatever might be there already by pressing Backspace and enter the following:  appwiz.cpl

How to quickly access Installed Programs list
Press Windows key plus R to open Run dialog box

This will open your Installed Programs list showing any software you have installed on your computer or laptop. You then click the “View Installed Updates” link on the left-hand side to show all the Windows Updates that have been installed on your system.

How to display Windows Updates installed on your computer

Once you have the list of Windows Updates installed showing, you enter the following into the Search box in the top right-hand corner:


How to find Windows 10 KB3035583 nag screen update

Once you have the KB3035583 update displayed, just click it and select “Uninstall”. This will take a few minutes and you might have to reboot your computer after it’s done, but you should no longer see that annoying Windows 10 nag screen.

Uninstalling Windows KB3035583 update

One last step to ensure this nag screen doesn’t come back as part of your next batch of Windows Updates. Go to Start and All Programs, then look for the one usually at the top called “Windows Update”. Run this icon to get into your Windows Updates and then click the “Check for Updates” link on the left-hand side. This will take a while, but when it’s done you should have a list of available updates (possibly including that KB3035583 one again).

How to manually check for Windows Updates
Windows 7 Update screen showing available updates

That nag screen update will probably be under “Important Updates”, but it could be under “Optional Updates”. Click each one and check to see if KB3035583 is listed. If you do see that update waiting to be installed, just right-click it and select “Hide update”. This will prevent Windows from installing that one again next time you turn off or reboot the computer.

How to hide Windows KB3035583 nag screen update

Already got nailed by the Windows 10 upgrade? If it’s still within the 30 day time limit imposed by Microsoft, then you can still remove it. Just click the button below to find out how to remove Windows 10 and get back your old Windows again.

Click here for info on how to remove Windows 10 upgrade

These tips were done on a Windows 7 computer, but should work in a similar way on a computer with Windows 8 installed. These tips were provided free of charge, so we cannot offer free support if you run into problems using them. If you are uncomfortable doing this sort of thing or unsure what to do, we can look after it for you remotely via the Internet for a nominal cost. Call or email us for more info.

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