Win a 10" Dell Netbook with DiskSafe
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Dell Inspiron 1012 Netbook (side shot)

WIN a Refurb Dell 10.1” Netbook
with Windows 7 and DiskSafe!
Valued at over $250.00

Until the middle of December, we are giving away one Refurbished Dell 10.1" Netbook with Windows 7 Starter Edition and the revolutionary new DiskSafe protection software. Netbooks are handy to carry with you when you travel, Surf the 'Net while you watch TV, having a coffee at Tim Horton’s, etc.

Stop paying Geeks to fix your computers!


  • Intel® Atom N450 1.66GHz CPU
  • 1Gb RAM and 250Gb SATA internal hard drive
  • Integrated Audio, LAN, WiFi and Webcam
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Starter Edition
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • OpenOffice v3.4 software suite (MS Office compatible)
  • Maxlink DiskSafe Protection Software *
  • One year extended warranty included!

With DiskSafe installed, you will never have to worry about paying Geeks to fix software problems or glitches again. If a Windows update goes bad or you pick-up a virus, no problem. Just turn off the Netbook, turn it on and press F6 to Instantly Restore the system back to a working state again!

DiskSafe is a revolutionary new system that has been over 12 years in development. It allows you to instantly restore your computer to a saved, working state. Unlike Recovery Disks that restore your computer to factory defaults, this system allows you to update the protected copy of Windows at any time. DiskSafe can be installed on virtually any Windows based computer including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8. The latest version of DiskSafe SSD (soon to be released) is specially designed to work with Solid State Drives, to protect and speed up your computer or laptop while at the same time extending the limited lifespan of your SSD drive.

Stop paying Geeks to fix your computer.... get DiskSafe!

Congratulations to Al McKenzie, our Dell Netbook winner!

Congratulations to Al McKenzie
 our Dell Netbook winner!

No purchase necessary. Draw date extended to 12/25/2012. Depending on availability, we reserve the right to substitute the above mentioned Netbook with a different model, just so long as it has similar specifications as described here.

UPDATE: in the spirit of the holiday season, we have extended the draw date to December 25th for this raffle. People are still requesting tickets, so we decided to give them a bit more time to get in on the draw. We will be doing the draw on Christmas Day and will announce the winner here, plus in our email blast going out later that same day. So, if you haven't requested your free ticket yet there's still time.

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